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The company was founded in early 2011, with a high commitment to become the preferred & trusted company in the field of transportation and logistics. Always work by implementing the Company's core values, among others, Integrity, Dedication, Quality, Teamwork, Continual improvement of performance.

Services provided at this time by PT. Jedidiah Global Transport includes Air Freight, Sea Freight, Customs Brokerage, Warehousing & Logistics. Since its establishment the company recorded growth that continues to increase every year. At present the company has exported and imported around 400 containers every month.

To ensure customer satisfaction and reduce logistics costs that are borne by the customers, the company operates using a high-tech logistics information system, providing a large enough storage warehouse in Surabaya, establishing good cooperation with selected partners including Shipping Line, Air Line, and Agents in domestic and foreign countries. The company also has a good relationship with stakeholders in transportation such as Customs, Trade and Industry, Plant and Animal Quarantine, Pelindo along with skilled and highly dedicated staff in logistics.

JEDIDIAH Vision and Mission


  • To be the preferred and trusted company in the field of transportation & logistics.


  • Be a good place of work where employees are members of extended families.
  • Always provide the best service by utilizing technology to reduce logistics costs and excellent service quality.
  • Making a national brand that is recognized globally.

Services Provided


We believe that everything must be done properly and seriously at all times.


Always maintain and improve the quality of our services for customers.


Every thing we do, we do together with the goal of getting the best results.


We are dedicated to always do the best service for customers.

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