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What Is Meant By Transportation And Logistics Technology

Along with the development of an increasingly modern era, more and more developments taking place in this world are increasingly more advanced and sophisticated.

Especially in this era of globalization, everything we need can be accessed easily. One example is the rapid development of transportation technology. Technology itself has been known to humans since millions of years ago because of the urge to live more comfortably, more prosperous and prosperous.

Then talk about the era of globalization, the development of transportation technology itself starts from the beginning of the industrial revolution, such as the invention of steam engines and railroads that enable land transportation to move independently without human or animal power or animals.

And this also resulted in the development of transportation speed and capacity. Then there was the development of combustion engines and automobiles in the 1990s, which resulted in even more advanced land transportation technology. And the first modern highway was built in the 19th century.

Early transportation technology originally used human labor, that is by being carried, carried and encouraged. After that it developed again using animal power such as horses, donkeys, and also elephants. Then there is also water transportation that uses natural power and also wind for example sailboats, while those that use human power such as rafts and rowing boats.

Whereas todays transportation technology, has shown very rapid progress both land, water and air transportation. The facilities and infrastructure are also more complete and better. Means of transportation technology are in the form of transportation equipment such as cars, trains, ships and airplanes.

While transportation technology infrastructure is supporting the smooth transportation of, among others, roads, bridges, terminals, stations, airports and ports.


Definition of Transportation Technology

Transportation technology is a technology that is able to support the transfer of people or goods from one place to another by using a vehicle that is driven by humans or machines, then transportation itself is used and created to facilitate humans in carrying out daily activities.

The term technology itself comes from the word techne which means way and also the word logos which means knowledge. So, literally the word technology means knowledge of ways. Understanding technology is a way to do something to meet human needs with the help of reason and tools, so as to extend, strengthen or make more powerful members of the body, five senses and also the human brain.

The role of transportation is very important for humans to help each other and connect raw source areas, production areas, marketing areas and also settlements as residential areas.

According to Jaques Ellul in the 25th century 1967, it means that technology is a whole method that rationally leads and has efficient characteristics in every human activity.

The development of transportation before the era of industrialization began with the discovery of the wheel in about 3500 BC which was used to facilitate the movement of goods. Then there is also the discovery of the first ship that was once developed. And in the 2000s BC, there was the discovery of horses which were used by humans as an allowance in delivering goods in their time.

Then there was the discovery of horse shoes, aircraft design, submarine-making by Cornelis Drebbel, the creation of public transport buses, the invention of cars driven by steam engines, and also the invention of bicycles for the first time. And in the development of transportation after the industrialization era went very fast, innovation also went very fast, starting from the application of steam engines for railroad and sea transportation, then followed by the discovery of engines that have combustion in them.

After that, there was also a discovery that greatly affected transportation technology, namely the development of a gas turbine engine into a turbo jet used on airplanes. And in sea transportation a spectacular discovery was with the development of nuclear fuel used on submarines.

The problems that then arise in the era of industrialization are the extraordinary amount of energy use where almost all transportation uses fossil energy. Burning fossil energy in modern means of transportation will emit emissions where most of the gas is in the form of greenhouse gases that can cause global warming.

Therefore, recently sought to find alternative energy that does not pollute the environment and divert it to environmentally friendly transportation.


Types of Transportation Technology

From the notions of transportation technology above, there are three types of transportation technology used, namely as follows:


  • Land Transportation Technology

Land transportation technology is a transportation vehicle that runs using the road to transport goods or people. Land transportation is still traditional and some are already modern.

Land transportation can be divided into two types namely motorized and non-motorized vehicles which are still used today. Transports that are not engined are traditional and take place for a long time such as bicycles, pedicabs, delmans, carts and many others.

Transportation that does not use a machine generally uses animals. Then, transportation technology that uses machines is modern in nature and continues today such as motorbikes, buses, trains and so on.


  • Water Transportation Technology

Water transportation technology is a transportation through water which includes river, lake, strait, and sea transportation. There are also simple and modern transportation vehicles in the water.

People in the past still used simple water transportation so that the community could make their own transportation from bamboo such as rafts, rowing boats and sailboats. Rafts and rowing boats can be driven using human power, while sailboats can be driven using wind power and human power.

As many motorized engines have been found, people are now using motorized boats and ships as facilities and infrastructure for water transportation. Ships can now transport tons of goods up to tons and can travel long enough, even now large ships can be used to take humans to other places.

Simple water transportation tools include rafts, canoes, boats and sailboats. While modern transportation equipment includes passenger ships consisting of speed boats, jet foils, ferries, cruises, and also freight ships consisting of tankers and container ships.


  • Air Transportation Technology

Then air transportation technology is a type of vehicle technology or means of transportation that operates in the air like an airplane. Airplanes are generally able to fly in the air or in the atmosphere and are generally also used to transport people and goods.

Understanding Logistics

Logistics are goods, energy, information and other resources such as products, services from production sources to markets with the aim of optimizing the use of capital. Logistics is the main role that supports manufacturing and marketing in Indonesia.

Broadly speaking, we can understand that logistics is how to move the right goods at the right time, as well as the right amount and the right conditions supported by affordable costs but still contributes and profits for logistics service providers. Do you realize the hardest thing for logistics providers to do is to keep costs as low as possible while maintaining quality for customer satisfaction.

The strategy undertaken by logistic business actors is to improve logistics management in which there is a supply process that functions to plan, implement and control the efficiency and effectiveness of the storage and flow of goods. In logistics everything is arranged from the starting point to the point of arrival or the point of consumption where the needs of the customers have been met.

Ivan Christanto

Director, PT. Jedidiah Global Transport
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